02-10-2017 Canon 5D Mark IV scores added SCORE


02-10-2017 Nikon D500 scores added SCORE


02-10-2017 Nikon D3400 scores added SCORE


07-05-2016 Nikon D5 scores added SCORE
Nikon's latest full frame low-light sensor cannot match the previous generation's excellent noise performance, but in every other aspect, it manages to improve on its predecessor. However, the moderate improvements are somewhat disappointing for a new generation flagship camera. Obviously, a camera is much more than just sensor performance, but the fact that this is the best sensor Nikon can offer 4 years after the launch of the D4 is worrying all the same. Still, the D5 is a great camera and the new #1 in the database.


07-05-2016 Canon 1D X Mark II scores added SCORE
The sensor of the 1D X Mark II is a huge step forward for Canon, with improvements across all categories. Color range has made a big step forward, and the jump in dynamic range is truly impressive. A worthy successor to the very capable 1D X and a tempting upgrade for Canon full frame sports and wildlife photographers.


02-10-2016 Sony A7S II scores added SCORE


02-10-2016 Sony A7R II scores added SCORE


02-10-2016 Sony A7 II scores added SCORE


07-22-2015 Canon 5DS R scores added SCORE
The best Canon sensor to date, raising the bar considerably when it comes to resolving power, with marked improvements in dynamic range, color range and tonal range. The new #1 in the studio camera category.


07-22-2015 Canon 5DS scores added SCORE


07-22-2015 Nikon D7200 scores added SCORE


07-22-2015 Nikon D5500 scores added SCORE


03-11-2015 Sony A5100 scores added SCORE


12-21-2014 Merry Christmas &  Happy New Year! NEWS
Heartfelt thanks to everybody who provided cameras or lenses for testing this past year, to those who sent suggestions or words of encouragement, and to the many who visited the sites, loving the art and craft of photography as much as we do! Happy Holidays and Good Light!


11-19-2014 Nikon D750 scores added SCORE


11-18-2014 Canon 7D Mark II scores added SCORE
Canon has managed to close the gap to Sony's and Toshiba's APS-C sensors to a point where the differences are beginning to become irrelevant for actual real world photography. The best Canon APS-C class sensor measured to date.


08-19-2014 Nikon D810 scores added SCORE


08-19-2014 Sony A77 II scores added SCORE


08-19-2014 Sony A7S scores added SCORE


04-16-2014 On laurels, megapixels and missed opportunities ARTICLE
How to lose your most influential customers in seven short years.



04-13-2014 Sony A6000 scores added SCORE
A moderate update of an already very capable sensor with noticeably improved performance across the board. The best Sony APS-C camera measured to date.


03-22-2014 Nikon D4S scores added SCORE
Minor but noticeable improvements in noise performance and dynamic range put the D4S at the top of the list, making it our new #1 action camera. The fact that color range and tonal range have not improved suggests that the camera uses the same sensor as the D4 and the Df but with a different, optimized microlens array. JPEG engine performance is not part of SenScore™, but it is noteworthy that high ISO JPEG image quality has improved much more than one would expect based on the changes in raw performance, most likely thanks to the greater processing power of Expeed 4 in combination with a more sophisticated JPEG engine.


03-21-2014 Sony A5000 scores added SCORE


03-21-2014 Sony A3000 scores added SCORE


12-09-2013 Sony A7R scores added SCORE
The outstanding image quality of the D800 sensor in a compact, well-built body. Combined with a high quality wide-angle prime, this is the camera for discerning landscape photographers for whom weight and size are crucial.
12-09-2013 Sony A7 scores added SCORE
12-09-2013 Pentax K3 scores added SCORE
12-07-2013 Nikon Df scores added SCORE
The D4's excellent sensor in a more compact and much more affordable body; certainly a welcome addition to the Nikon lineup.
12-07-2013 Nikon D5300 scores added SCORE
A noticeable increase in resolving power thanks to the removal of the low-pass filter puts this sensor at the top of the APS-C class list in this category.
12-07-2013 Nikon D610 scores added SCORE
10-16-2013 Sony RX1R scores added SCORE
The removal of the low-pass filter increases this sensor's already very good resolving power even further and once again raises the bar for high-end compact cameras. The extraordinary RX1 was not in need of improvement, but Sony did it anyway, and that's something to commend.


09-01-2013 Canon 70D scores added SCORE
The good news is that the new 20MP sensor in the 70D is the best Canon APS-C class sensor ever. The bad news is that it is still not quite on par with its competitors. It has often been suggested that Canon has given up on Bayer type sensors and is working on revolutionary new multilayer sensor technology. This may very well be true and Canon may lead the way again sometime down the road, but one thing is equally true: if Canon were to use third-party APS-C sensors instead of their own, their customers of today would have better cameras.
08-21-2013 Canon 100D scores added SCORE
Relying on the same outdated sensor as the recently measured Canon 700D, the 100D's performance is a disappointment for an APS-C class camera released in 2013.
07-26-2013 Canon 700D scores added SCORE
The 700D's performance is on par with that of the 4 years old Canon 7D, which is very disappointing. This compact and well-built camera could be a great entry-level DSLR, but the decision to use this outdated sensor makes it all but impossible to recommend the 700D to anyone looking for a new camera in 2013.
07-01-2013 Launch of our Sister Site LenScore NEWS
Check out the brand-new site and learn more about the world's first camera independent lens rating system!


05-02-2013 Sony A58 scores added SCORE
The A58 scores lower than its predecessor A57 on every score except resolving power, which is very disappointing. Sony continues to fall behind in APS-C class sensor performance.
04-02-2013 Nikon D7100 scores added SCORE
Unsurprisingly, the D7100's scores are very close to those of the D5200. The cameras share the same sensor, but the D7100 is lacking the low-pass filter. It's interesting to note that this doesn't seem to have any significant effect on resolving power. Dynamic range is the only area where the D7100 is clearly superior to the D5200. While the low-pass filter could in theory have some limited influence on dynamic range, we don't think this is the case here, the difference is simply too big. Most likely the difference stems from the D7100 using an updated version of the Toshiba sensor. We will retest the D5200 in a couple of months to find out if the updated sensor has found its way to the production line of the D7100's lower-cost sibling.
02-07-2013 Sony NEX-6 scores added SCORE
The NEX-6 is on par with the NEX-5N with slightly worse noise performance, which is disappointing for a 2013 APS-C camera in this price class. Color range remains a weakness of Sony cameras, with the obvious exception of the outstanding RX1.
02-07-2013 Sony A57 scores added SCORE
Slight improvements in sensor performance across the board are too small to make the A57 a worthwhile upgrade path for A55 owners looking for better image quality.
02-04-2013 Trends in digital photography ARTICLE
A discussion of major trends in digital photography. 


02-03-2013 Camera predictions for 2013 ARTICLE
An outlook on what cameras the year ahead might have in store.



Minor site redesign going live NEWS



Nikon D5200 scores added SCORE
The D5200 uses a new 24MP APS-C sensor by Toshiba not previously measured. The sensor manages to best the established 24MP APS-C Sony Exmor sensor and clearly beats the equally new 24MP APS-C Nikon sensor in the D3200, setting a new standard in the APS-C class.



Sony RX1 scores added SCORE
This compact fixed lens camera's impressive performance puts it among the very best of current digital cameras and way above anything else of its size. The RX1 supposedly uses the same sensor as the Sony A99, but in view of the huge differences in the results, this appears to be virtually impossible. It has been suggested that Sony uses the best sensors of a batch for the RX1 with the rest going into A99 production, but given the pronounced differences, this seems unlikely. The sensors of the RX1 and A99 may share some components, but the results strongly suggest that there are some fundamental differences.